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Oxford Migraine Labs was set up to test out a hypothesis and investigate the feasibility of sound patterns interfering with a migraine to help focus the body’s natural rhythms.



Research and Development

Developing a drug free remedy for migraines

The goal at Oxford Migraine Labs is to bring awareness to this research that has not only taken place but produced some incredible results.

A technique devised by Anthony Bateson BEM used in the prodromal stages of a migraine attack to ‘dispel’ symptoms associated with a migraine.

It is crucial that this research be more widely available for sufferers of such a common and underfunded disorder.

Almost seven years of research has established that dismissal of these attacks can be successfully achieved by the use of a form of dialogue.

This was discovered by Anthony Bateson, developed over several years in the form of a prosodic language and dialogue which provides signals to conscious and subconscious neurological mechanisms.

Following an initial study at Oxford Migraine Labs, it was identified that seven out of eight migraine sufferers were able to benefit from such a remedial method. Further tests have taken place since 2017 demonstrating commercial viability.

As a result Oxford Migraine Labs along with Anthony Bateson have developed commercial partnerships and collaborations with a number of partners to realise the benefits of the developed technique.



A bit about the brain and why migraines occur, introducing Anthony.


A variety of publications, and documentations on this topic for you to browse.


See our current industrial-academic collaboration partners.

This is a discovery that will revolutionise the way we think of migraines.

It has the potential to help millions of migraine sufferers, and it’s a simple discovery.

Anthony Bateson, Discoverer

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