The brain is a powerful thing, it is the source of all the qualities that define our humanity. Constantly learning and evolving through our five senses, the brain controls our memory, movement and the function of many organs within our body.

With such a complex organ, comes a fragility and an urgency to find a solution to a common problem suffered by over 3 billion people worldwide.

Introducing Anthony Bateson


Migraines occur when the brain is taken over by discordant brain waves that drive out the normal ordered way of working. It is a universal experience and among the most common disorders that cause a never ending pursuit for relief.

As a society, we are told to pursue a life with adequate exercise, a well-balanced diet and limiting stress in your life but what if this isn’t enough? Whatever the source of the migraine, there is always a short term fix that works every time. Tried and tested for every individual person but what if one day that remedy stops working? Many years can be spent testing out every therapy, every supplement, experiencing every side effect and every acupuncture pressure point. To what end? Relying on books and scouring the internet for information that isn’t new or helpful in hope of finding that nugget of wisdom that no one else has discovered in that small corner of the internet.

What if this is the corner? That small pocket? Every migraine sufferer’s experience is unique and the best you can hope for is finding variables that can even slightly improve and control these types of headaches. Born out of frustration for migraine relief on a routine car journey, a technique was discovered, hypothesized and proven to elevate symptoms of a migraine in 7 out of 8 migraine sufferers.

Hearing such statistics, it’s almost bewildering why this method isn’t more widely known.


Initial Studies are promising

Initial studies have shown that the method dismisses a migraine in 7 out of 8 migraine sufferers. 


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